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Practice Areas

Our Focus

Criminal Defense

  • Recently charged with a crime? Get informed now.

  • Look up court dates and case information.

  • Review the criminal code and sentencing charts.

  • Set up an on-line or in-person meeting.

Civil Litigation

  • Involved in a dispute or have a problem that you need to resolve?

  • We will help you analyze the facts, explore all the options and offer practical advice.

  • As certified mediators, we can act as a neutral party to help resolve disputes.

  • Set up an on-line or in-person meeting today.

Auto Accidents

  • Injured due to someone else’s negligence? We can tell you what to expect.

  • And help you decide whether to do-it-yourself or get legal help.

  • Learn how the process works.

  • Set up an on-line or in-person meeting.

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